Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deathmatch II Announcement

Greetings, cannon fodders.

The summer solstice approaches! The Thunderdome sands will grow warm with the sun... and maybe something redder. The Phalanx [300] is pleased to announce the dates for Thunderdome: Last Man Standing II. Please take note, the rules have been expanded for the Summer Solstice 2017 battle royale.

The official start date is 00:01 server time, 21 June 2017.

The official end date is 00:01 server time, 23 July 2017.

The rules of the Thunderdome: Last Man Standing II event:

  • Each combatant is allowed ONE city in Thunderdome.
  • No outside troops, diplomats, or hostile magic may enter Thunderdome.
  • Caravans are free to enter and exit Thunderdome at any time.
  • Cities may move starting now.
  • Cities must reside within the arena box: [604|-2445] to [654|-2495].
  • Cities must arrive before 00:01 server time, 21 June 2017.
  • No armies or diplomats may be placed in motion before combat start.
  • Combat is to the death.
  • Gladiators who yield by exodus may not re-enter the arena.
  • All gladiators must submit a valid combat API key prior to the event start.
  • When combat ends, all camps, sieges and blockades must be recalled.
  • All survivors on 00:01 server time, 23 July 2017 will be scored by a panel of judges.

The point scoring system is modeled on boxing, 1-5 in four categories:

  • Effective Aggression
  • Ring Generalship
  • Defense
  • Hard and Clean Punches

Aside from the rules outlined above, there are no other rules. We have established the event, the arena boundaries, and the non-interference rule. Those rules are upheld by the personal honor of the combatants. If you feel that someone has cheated, then you are free to address that insult in whatever manner you wish.

Combatants, I suggest you put your battle city in motion as soon as possible. Desirable locations are first come, first served. You should plan to have your exodus cooldown finished by 00:01 server time, 21 June 2017.

Misbehave. Kill lots of stuff.

<^^^^^^^^||==O    Skint Jagblade

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