Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathmatch I: Reaching the End

Good afternoon, cannon fodders.

It's time for another update to the Thunderdome: Last Man Standing event. Two weeks ago, I summarized the first 30 days of combat in the deathmatch arena. Since then, the situation in Thunderdome has changed considerably. The three-way Mexican standoff was ended on 18 April when Cro-Magnon threw in the towel and removed his city from the battle arena. At that point, the final battle between Grum and Treggar began in earnest.

For two weeks, Treggar has attempted to get Grum into a headlock. Grum went full turtle, building stalwarts to break any sieges against her city. She has been highly disciplined about dodging her troops while offline. The following battle reports will show that Treggar only managed to catch her troops at home once. To further entrench, Grum leveled up her Runemaster's Grounding buildings, creating more powerful Wards of Destruction. This tactic made it more expensive for Treggar to carry out daily direct attacks.

Unable to destroy Grum's stalwarts, and knowing that a forest siege would be suicide, Treggar resorted to siege trains. He dispatched many sorties against Grum, most of which went unstopped. Even at close range, siege trains are a slow way to inflict damage against an entrenched defender. Treggar's spy reports and progressive battle reports show that Grum used prestige and caravans to instantly repair most of the siege train damage. Since the adjacent terrain made it impossible to hold a blockade, Treggar was unable to stop Grum from continually repairing the siege train damage.

Essentially, the gladiators are now gridlocked. Grum has adopted a 100% defensive posture, preserving her stalwarts to break forest sieges, and using prestige to repair building damage. Treggar has launched dozens of successful attacks, but his siege trains cannot cause enough damage to break Grum's supply of prestige. Grum seems to have no engines to besiege Treggar; any forest siege that Treggar deploys will be swept away by Grum's carefully hoarded stalwarts.

Under these conditions, the deathmatch is a permanent stalemate.

Therefore, I have decided to appoint a panel of judges to review the battles and declare a victor.

Heavyweight Title

I've decided to use the Rules of Boxing as their guiding principle. This will not be a Must 10-9 system. The judges will review the entire 40 days (the first article and this one), and then rate Treggar and Grum from 1-5 in each of the following categories:

  • Effective Aggression
  • Ring Generalship
  • Defense
  • Hard and Clean Punches

The victor will be the fighter with the highest combined points from all the judges. If for some reason there is a tie, I will be the final tiebreaker (beyond that, I will not participate in scoring).

Two Weeks of Battle Reports

The only time Treggar connected with Grum's perpetually dodging stalwarts.

Grum arranges an elite equipped defense to stuff a siege train. To my knowledge, the only one that got stopped.

An example battering ram report. The damage was repaired quickly in most cases.

And now for a whole bunch of sample reports from direct siege train attacks...

As always, fellow cannon fodders:

Misbehave. Kill lots of stuff.

<^^^^^^^^||==O    Skint Jagblade

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