Saturday, August 12, 2017

Useful Crafting Materials

Good afternoon, cannon fodders.

This post will be brief. In Illyriad, most crafted items are useless. On my profile (Ten Kulch), I have listed only 16 green items for PvP, 5 green items for hunting, 15 yellow items for PvP. You can find the reasons described thoroughly in Jagblade's Guide to Equipment. The following materials are employed to craft the useful items.

Green-rated PvP materials
  • Scaled Charger Vertebrae
  • Giant Scorpion Exoskeleton
  • Giant Rat Fur
  • Wild Dog Fur
  • Giant Beetle Carapace
  • Iceheart
  • Puma Fur
  • Spidertree Leaves
  • Ancient Oak
  • Wolf Fur

Yellow-rated PvP Materials
  • Scaled Charger Scale
  • Brown Bear Fur
  • Arterium
  • Jaguar Fur
  • Giant Palm Leaves
  • Simien Wolf Fur

Green-rated Hunting materials
  • Ancient Oak
  • Giant Rat Fur
  • Queen's Hair Leaves
  • Giant Beetle Carapace
  • Poisonous Crawler Exoskeleton
  • Scaled Charger Scale

This list excludes materials for items that are equipped only to commanders. Those materials are necessary in such small amounts that they are not worth mentioning in the same context as equipping entire armies.

Misbehave, kill lots of stuff.

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